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The year is well on the roll and not stopping for anyone. If you are one of the many who just could not decide on a course or study field, do not worry, you can still prepare yourself this year, and study next year.

Willowlit is all about weddings and events so do not expect us to talk about accounting or LLB  and all that, break through.

We are here to talk about all things wedding planners, event coordinators and everything nice, but oh so difficult to get your break to be successful. We will discuss a little success story in South Africa that turned out as one of the biggest event and wedding planners in South Africa and went International.



Aleit Swanepoel

Swanepoel was born in 1974 in the town of Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa. He attended the University of South Africa and had a keen interest in the hospitality business since he was a youngster. He eventually also attended the Public Relations Institute of South Africa where he earned the honor of being the top student of the academy.



It was only natural for Aleit Swanepoel to start his professional life working as the conference center and general manager for Oude Libertas[3], after working in the Hotel Industry. As he gained more organizational experience, he moved up the corporate hierarchy with a new job at Distell, which is the largest wine company in South Africa. He was handling corporate gatherings and weddings as the events and national function manager for Distell.

Although his job responsibilities entailed managing the venue of these events, by 2011 he had coordinated almost 250 weddings, free of charge. This not only honed his organizing skills but gave him an insight into the wedding planning industry and the confidence to eventually venture out on his own.


Start in the wedding planning business

When working at Distell, he was afforded a significant amount of flexibility and was allowed to coordinate weddings on his own time as long as this would not compromise his job performance. Given the number of events that he was handling, he set a target of 20 weddings after which he had decided to lay the foundation of his consultancy.

While working 2 jobs, which took up almost 20 hours of his day, at the end of three months, he had 18 weddings in his kitty and since these were paid gigs, he could afford to finance the fledging venture. In the beginning, finances were limited, so the expenses also had to be kept in check. Swanepoel relied on a well designed website and experienced subcontract service providers to keep the business afloat.


Be part of the Aleit Group today  and visit their Academy:  http://thealeitgroup.com/aleit-academy

Best Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town – Yes, we talk about Cape Town again the mother city, and also our home where we are located.

If you want the rush for money Johannesburg will be te city to go, but if you have money to spend, expensive houses, top restaurants, clubs, cocktail lounges then Cape Town is the perfect playground. For many years Cape Town was voted one of the top cities to visit, and do not forget about the top quality restaurants, always under the top 10 in the world, but to afford one dish at some of the places is just too expensive, and you can feed an entire family with that price; for a whole week. But let us not dwell off the topic, cause in this case we are not looking for a bargain hunt, you have Groupon for that, we are indeed looking for the best restaurant.

I love food, lets be honest, I would love to be a Matt Preston, tasting food everyday, travel the world to try the top restaurants, editor of a food magazine and er ehem yes a judge on Masterchef Australia, Envy!

So I went on my own restaurant trip(s) around Cape Town. Many will not agree with my choices, as some of the places are not restaurants but coffeeshops/espresso bars, but ey, I love that vibe. Fine dining can be great, but do I ever remember that night or just the food. I want to remember the night as a great vibe, good company, and the food, and the best way to experience food is with friends, and to share food, you need the bond.


Here we go: (And no I do not put 1 or 2 in front, cause I do not rank these from best to less great, they are all equal with their own uniqueness).


Deluxe Coffeeworks & The Bitches Tits

This is surely one of my favourites. With the fresh coffee roast in the morning, all the cyclists hanging out there, pop in, and the next time you will know everyone and you can always count on a good vibe, and conversations. Don’t get too hooked on this place, remember you still have a job to go to. Sharing the premises is The Bitches Tits, write your name and order on the door, and listen for your name to be screamed out, yes no table service, cause you do not sit at one place and play with your mobile phone, you connect with the locals, and enjoy the restaurant coffeeshop for what it was created for, the town gathering.


Why Balducci’s? They are situated in a way that I can look at the people passing by, you can look at all the Tug boats going in and out, and sometimes the big Krupp floating crane. Back to the food, excellent food, I never had any bad experience with waiters, the only problem perhaps is that when you serve expensive dishes I will judge your food very strictly, so be careful, but nothing bad yet. They have delicious burgers, and pasta’s are good. I choose this place purely on the fact that I can look at people as I am a photographer (hobby) and I love documentary photography. Balducci’s is in the heart of the V&A Waterfront.

- Il Leone

Not a lot of people know this place, then again they are always busy. So they are doing something right, and I can confess, I know what they are doing right.

Is it a secret? NO! it is their excellent PASTA. And what else, PASTA. This is my most favourite place to go for PASTA and only PASTA. True Italian Pasta, made by Italians. Pasta is probably easu to make yes I do agree, to perfect it, well not so easy. These guys are not just making pasta, but you can taste to really good stock they use for their meats, and all other ingredients going into their pasta. And Al Dente to perfection.

- Table Bay Hotel

Wait for it…. Yes the Table Bay Hotel. This is one you do not read about often in food reviews, so why did I choose it? Because of their Egg Benedict. Thank you Table Bay Hotel for not throwing in Mayonaise, and cheat making your Hollandaise Sauce. I love your Egg Benedict and for that reason I will give you business and credit.


There you go, those are the places I love, I can go on and on and on, since I eat out every week and try new places. These are the ones that came to mind this morning.






Shopping for that Big Day

Shopping in Cape Town for those Bridal Wear! There are so many places to go to, first place you can try is to go to the V&A Waterfront. With so many shops in one place it is ideal to get most shopping done. When you are done there, you can head on out to Cape Town CBD and explore the Boutiques. Also Canal Walk has a few Bridal Boutiques and Tailors.


Remember the first time is always the hardest, after that it will be easy!


For other Bridal Places:



More information on Shops in Cape Town

What to do with your kids in Cape Town

We have received a few emails asking us what activities there are for kids at some destinations. Attending a wedding sometimes means you have to be away for three or four days, and the kids can get a bit too much when they get bored. You are perhaps close family to the bride or groom, and you are stressed, or just going through loads of emotions and now the kids are nagging to do something.

At the moment we have received quite a few questions on Cape Town, what to do with the kids, as Cape Town is a very popular wedding destination over the summer period. In 2013 Cape Town was the number 1 wedding destination for British Citizens, and it seems this year nothing has changed.

So we came up with something to help you keeping the kids busy. We can write down so many things to do, but have decided on the V&A Waterfront. There are so many activities for kids in Cape Town, at the V&A Waterfront. No need to drive around or catching the bus or taxi.


Click Here: For Activities Page



All aboard the Art of the Brick Train!!!

Tel:+27 21 405 7600

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10 minutes


Discover the history of Cape Town’s oldest major fortification, except for the Castle of Good Hope.

Tel:+27 21 416 6230

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Catch the prevailing winds and make good headway with the afternoon cruise as ye sail out of the harbour with whatever motley crew have gathered aboard the Jolly Roger.

Tel:+27 21 421 0909

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Pirates are notorious for drinking late into the night, so the morning is the best time to secretly slip out of the harbour and get a head start on finding the loot first.

Tel:+27 21 421 0909

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The Jolly Roger sails daily with the setting sun for those looking to secret away from the law, or those looking for some adventure at sea.

Tel:+27 21 421 0909

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​Get up close and personal with the adorable rockhopper penguins of the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Tel:+27 21 418 3823

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Step closer to the Touch Pool and see anemones up close and personal.

Tel:+27 21 418 3823

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Best Restaurants in Cape Town

V&A WaterfrontLast week we talked about what makes a good caterer. This week we will talk about some of the best restaurants in cape town that you will find all in one place. The most visited place in Africa is the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town’s working Harbour but also a tourist destination, shopping mall and a place full of activities for the whole family.

So why do we write about the V&A Waterfront and their Restaurants? Cape Town is a tourist Mecca, and very popular for its weddings, from the Wine Yards to the Top of Table Mountain. So if you need to spoil your guests, or if they are looking for restaurants to eat at for the extra nights they spent in Cape Town, after all they came along way for your wedding most probably.


Here are some of the most Popular Restaurants at the V&A Waterfront:

Quay Four


Green Dolphin

Wang Thai

Willoughby & Co



Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House

for more information on Cape Towns Best Restaurants at the V&A Waterfront Click Here



What makes a Good Caterer

1. It is all about the food, the taste and the Presentation!

No matter what, it all comes down to the TASTE. People will remember if it  did not taste nice, regardless of your nice venue, your cool entertainment and all that, food always has been the center of the getting together. We love food, and we thumb4get a sensation from it. So make sure the caterer or catering company have the skills, and a chef.

2. Food safety

A good caterer (and their staff) should be aware of and comply with the most-up-to-date food safety laws in their particular state.  Further training in this field is offered many culinary institutes and local colleges.

3. Customer Service

Caterers work with clients to design a menu. Being courteous, tactful, and diplomatic is necessary, as you may need to persuade a client to substitute an ingredient or change a dish. Good communication and people skills are also vital to building up a client repertoire and catering a successful event. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation, and word-of-mouth remains some of the most effective advertising out there.


Recommendations for Event Catering:




These 3 event catering companies are of the best in the business, with many years of experience. Catercom is situated in Pretoria, The Aleit Group’s Shake and Serve Mobile Bar is certainly a must have at weddings in the Cape Town region and Creative Catering is in our Tropical Region Durban a very popular destination all year round in South Africa.




The Season of Weddings in Cape Town

The Season of Weddings is here in Cape Town. Every year over the Summer period November till late March, Cape Town is one big wedding Place.

We thought we should list a few Venues you can have your wedding at, and if that is not enough some of these Venues do cater for Corporate events as well.

Depending on the size of your wedding, wedding venues are normally split into two sections, the ceremony and the reception. Some couples might choose two different wedding venues for these events to take place, and other venues allow for both these festivities to take place on their premises.


The Aleit Group with Laurent at Lourensford (Both Weddings and Corporate Events Venue).

The Following is Nice outside in the Garden Venues

The Conservatory
Allee Bleue
Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

Surprise Surprise – Willow Trees


Under The Willow

We strolled through the meadow at twilight,

stopping at our favorite willow tree,

by a sparkling lake under the stars,

our hearts soared while our spirits roamed free.

Away from the troubles of the world,

we shared all the secrets from our pasts,

with-holding nothing from each other,

trust-sweet honesty we’d found at last.
Wholeheartedly into each other,

passions embrace began to ensue,

then under the luminous moonlight,

I began to give my heart to you.

You took me into your loving arms,

so overwhelmed I began to swoon,

love came a knocking upon my door,

for certain not a moment to soon.

So many years later I still think

about our trysts under the willow tree,

where nothing in the world would matter,

but loves embrace between you and me.

  • Sandy Nettles. All rights reserved


“Wedding planning can be tricky, but when you find a city full of beautiful and memorable settings – beaches, mountains, harbours, gardens, game farms, forests and winelands – the task becomes a lot easier.” – Cape Town.travel

What Cape Town has to offer:

Breathtaking beaches

Romantic winelands.

Something different

Beautiful gardens

Iconic V&A Waterfront

Eco weddings

The Aleit Group

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Nicolette Weddings

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